About WebSemaphore

WebSemaphore is a cloud-native, serverless concurrency management solution. It provides seamless coordination and control for API communication in modern, highly distributed cloud envitonments.

Business continuity and Disaster Recovery

WebSemaphore amortizes processing during traffic spikes, and can buffer indefinitely an unlimited number of incoming requests during unexpected system or network downtime and other disruptions. When services are restored the requests get processed as soon as possible while observing downstream quotas.


WebSemaphore helps optimize usage of compute, third party licenses and other resources by spreading API workloads evenly over time. For example, during unexpected spikes it will amortize traffic until more capacity is available, without rejecting customer requests or shocking the downstream systems.

Data consistency

All business flows are unique. Some require complex resource locking rules to arrive at the correct outcome. WebSemaphore allows zero to unlimited resource lease time, allowing flows of highly varying length to be treated uniformly while staying efficient.

Adjustable capacity, suspendable processing

As capacity increases and decreases, as in autoscaling, a single call to WebSemaphore will reconfigure the thoughput to adjust for the change without losing continuity. When processing must be suspended, WebSemaphore will keep accepting incoming requests indefinitely until processing is resumed.

Zero setup, serverless, fully managed

WebSemaphore is a zero-setup solution with simple integration. Developers will love the tiny learning curve and how soon they can go back to solving problems that actually matter for your business.

WebSemaphore supports your quest for service excellence.

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