Broadmind Coud Technologies Privacy Policy

Updated Dec 9, 2023

At Broadmind Coud Technologies, customer trust is our top priority. Broadmind Coud Technologies continually monitors the evolving privacy regulatory and legislative landscape to identify changes and determine what tools our customers might need to meet their compliance needs. Maintaining customer trust is an ongoing commitment. We strive to inform you of the privacy and data security policies, practices, and technologies we’ve put in place. Our commitments include:

  • Access: As a customer, you maintain full control of your content that you upload to the Broadmind Coud Technologies services under your Broadmind Coud Technologies account, and responsibility for configuring access to Broadmind Coud Technologies services and resources. We provide an advanced set of access and logging features to help you do this effectively. We plan to provide APIs for you to configure access control permissions for any of the services you develop or deploy in an Broadmind Coud Technologies environment. We do not access or use your content for any purpose without your agreement. We never use your content or derive information from it for marketing or advertising purposes.
  • Storage: You choose the Broadmind Coud Technologies Region(s) in which your content is stored. You can replicate and back up your content in more than one Broadmind Coud Technologies Region. We will not move or replicate your content outside of your chosen Broadmind Coud Technologies Region(s) except as agreed with you.
  • Disclosure of customer content: We will not disclose customer content unless we're required to do so to comply with the law or a binding order of a government body. If a governmental body sends Broadmind Coud Technologies a demand for your customer content, we will attempt to redirect the governmental body to request that data directly from you. If compelled to disclose your customer content to a government body, we will give you reasonable notice of the demand to allow the customer to seek a protective order or other appropriate remedy unless Broadmind Coud Technologies is legally prohibited from doing so.