WebSemaphore Introduction


WebSemaphore is a programmable distributed flow control mechanism that wraps your business-critical API communication for optimal resource utilization and resilience.

It is a powerful and scalable cloud-native solution for implementing web-based semaphores in your applications. Developers get seamless and efficient coordination of concurrent processes and shared resources and can ensure safe concurrent operations in distributed applications, without the typical setup, configuration, provisioning and learning curve expenses.

This is a developer-friendly SaaS/IaaS with a simple API and a management console with real-time monitoring. We provide client libraries, OpenAPI and AsyncAPI specs and demo implementations.

Key Features

  • zer0-setup
  • fully serverless
  • Scalable and reliable semaphore management
  • Simple and intuitive API
  • Cloud-native architecture for scalability and resilience
  • Support for concurrent operations
  • Real-time synchronization across distributed systems
  • Real-time observability
  • Programmability/on-the-fly configuration

Additional benefits

  • Load balancing
  • Failover
  • Disaster recovery

Dive deeper into the documentation and in a few minutes you should be able to go back to solving your core application issues.